Why Cash?

Cascadia Family Therapy is a fee for service business for three main reasons;

  • Confidentiality
  • No DSM Diagnosis Required
  • Symptoms are Catalysts for Change


Our client files are kept in one location in a locked filing cabinet behind two locked doors. Unless instructed at a client’s request, no client information is ever faxed or emailed. This significantly reduces the amount of machines and personnel to see our client information regarding focus of therapy and progress.

No DSM Diagnosis:

Insurance companies require that there is one identified patient for therapy and that they are diagnosed with a mental health disorder as outlined in the Diagnostic Statistic Manual. This limits who can attend therapy, how often and how many therapy sessions can occur, and pathologizes the human experience. We believe that therapy should be flexible in providing support for people with a wide range of concerns. We believe that the act of labeling a client with a mental health disorder can make therapy problem focused and keep people stuck in unhealthy patterns. We believe human beings are resilient, complex, and that everyone does the best that they can with what they know.

Symptoms are Important Catalysts for Change

Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, being overly tired, hyperactive, easily distracted, or anger are all a part of the human experience. By listening and tuning into these symptoms clients can gain insights about themselves and their relationships empowering them to make necessary changes. Change can seem scary and make familiarity, no matter how uncomfortable or damaging, seem like the best option. With our approach at Cascadia Family Therapy, clients are heard and validated while at the same time being challenged to be the best they can be.

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