Services & Rates

Co-Couples Therapy:

  • 8 Sessions with two therapists that were trained in co-therapy
  • Two different gender perspectives
  • A wide range of experience and knowledge
  • Two therapists highly trained in couples therapy
  • Full 60-75 minute sessions plus 30 minutes post session documentation and planning

Choose Full Payment                                       Pay as You Go
$1490 (Save $110)                                             $200 per Session

Family Plan:

  • 12 one hour sessions with one highly trained therapist over three or six months
  • Sessions can be family sessions, individual sessions, or parent child sessions
  • Email contact with the therapist in between scheduled sessions
  • Free 20 minute phone check-in between scheduled sessions
  • Therapy aimed at getting your family back to communicating

Choose Full Payment                                    Pay as You Go
$1599 (Save $201)                                           $150 per Session

Student Therapy Rate: $80 per hour