The family system is a power dynamic. It can lift up everyone in it or tear them apart. I am passionate about working with families because I believe it is the most effective way to support individual growth. When a family system changes the way it interacts and functions, all of its members benefit. This doesn’t always mean I have the whole family at every session. It is a perspective shift from our individualistic culture to a perspective of the interconnectedness of human nature.

babymobile A great metaphor for this is a child’s mobile. If one were to remove or add a piece it affects the entire mobile. Because of this effect, change can occur very quickly and be long lasting. Change in a family system opens up new possibilities and ways of being for all the members.

When adults and youth feel they have not only a physically safe environment but also an emotionally supportive one, everyone thrives. In addition, when families are able to communicate clearly and effectively with one another, they are able to support each other through difficult experiences and transitions.

For far too long now society has been talking about mental health as an individual problem. Mental health comes from mutually supportive loving relationships. I am passionate about ending silent individual suffering and helping people find loving connections.

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