Couples Therapy

Strong Relationships Build Strong Individuals

Close intimate connection with a partner can be an incredible experience. When couples are able to communicate openly about their authentic hopes, dreams, and desires the world around them appears limitless.

Conversely, when couples are not on the same page or feel they are arguing more than agreeing, it can be the most lonely and isolating experience.

We are passionate about sparking change through talk therapy aimed at reconnecting couples. Often the “problem” both partners are focused on is not really the problem. It is merely a symptom that some element of the relationship is not quite operating correctly. Think of the couples system like an engine. When it is running smoothly, there are so many components firing in sync and momentum gets built up. Over time if the engine is not regularly maintained components start to fall out of sync causing smoke or strange engine noises. While the smoke and engine noise may be signs, the root of the problem may just be lack of oil. Commonly the problems couples are focused on are just the warning signs which keeps them mystified as to what to do differently.  They start to feel like they are totally stuck. How do you fix something when you don’t understand the origin? An outside perspective with extensive couples therapy training (or better yet! Two highly trained people!) can identify the root cause which leads to both partners battling the real problem not each other.

By using both therapists, clients find better understanding and a collaborative environment where the couple can hear both the therapists work through the task at hand. This creates a uniquely transparent therapy experience in which clients can hear the therapists strategize, get curious, and hypothesize openly. On top of that, couples get two highly trained therapy professionals working for them and their goals. Having two therapists offer two different gender perspectives and more insight has the potential to speed the therapy process along. We are ready to work for you and your most important relationship.

Our couples therapy rate is $250 per 75 minute session. Since this is a specialized method involving the expertise of two licensed therapists, we do not bill insurance for co-couples therapy.

Call or text for a free 20 minute consultation on the phone or in person: (541) 639-2986


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