About Us

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Both Michael and Joella attended Pacific Lutheran University’s Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program in Tacoma Washington. PLU has a rigorous MFT program requiring live supervision of therapists and 500 hours of supervised clinical experience to graduate. We also received specialized training in working in co-therapy teams to enhance client outcomes.

Using a systemic perspective, we are highly skilled at seeing the whole person who attends therapy whether in a family or individual session. Often times, the medical model of therapy which is based on the diagnosis of an individual, narrows down to symptom reduction, missing many of the complexities of the human experience. We believe clients are more than symptoms and diagnoses.

At Cascadia Family Therapy, we zoom out to look at the complex web of environmental and social interactions making up a client’s life to find the true origin of the symptom. There isn’t time in session for long winded complaints or arguments between clients and their family members. We are focused on pinpointing and highlighting the exact interactional pattern or patterns that may be leading to symptoms like depression, anxiety or general relationship dysfunction.

We are not your average therapists. And that is why we offer the 20 minute free consultation. Schedule a free consultation for yourself and feel the difference.

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