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Holding on In 2020

“This is what we do in Oregon. We take care of one another.” Governor Kate Brown

“Eat good quality food and make good decisions.” Chef Rich Hull at A Broken Angel

These two phrases are pinging around my mind this morning. I like many of you have struggled as life adversity has stacked up upon the ambiguous loss from COVID we are all in together. I know I am not alone, these stressors stacking upon us all like a delicately balanced cairn marking the journey of our lives.  My hope is that you can find a phrase that holds your heart, a good meal of whole foods to fill your stomach, and lean into our community. It’s ok to just hold on and to just survive. Remember that perspective, optimism and positivity is sometimes only found on the other side. It’s ok to not try to optimize, thrive, or learn right now.

We are thinking of you, whatever your struggle may be.


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