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Yeah, but is virtual therapy awkward?

To be honest, when I leapt into offering phone and video conference sessions March 15th this was my thought too. I was uncertain how it would go but I felt called to protect some of my more vulnerable clients. What really sealed the deal was finding research that video and phone sessions are equally as effective as in person sessions.

After five weeks, I can say with confidence, it isn’t awkward! Well, that is probably a nerdy therapist over statement… It still has those inevitable awkward moments just like  therapy sessions in real life but instead of it being me choking on my tea or sneezing loudly it is the screen freezing for a moment.

I am not sure if it has been the act of shifting quickly into unknown territory, baking during my lunch breaks or spending more time with my recently adopted dog Minimoo, but there has been something revitalizing about doing therapy this way. I have felt inspired to work lately, like being a new therapist ten years ago all over again.

It has become a passion and I find myself championing in the supermarket and outside my favorite food cart – phone and video therapy works! Now is truly a great time to start!


P.S. Minimoo requested a more adorable photo be included in this post:



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