The Power of Story

Today while listening to the Rich Roll Podcast I was reminded of the power of story. The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, other people, the world we live in, and what we are capable of, all these stories have a tremendous impact. There are times in private practice where I feel like I am encountering this theme of story everywhere I go. It seems story is one of the ways in which people begin to reinforce their stuck-ness.  Stories like, “I’ve never been that kind of person” or “that just what couples do, they slowly grow distant” become the most power reinforcer of staying the same and not trying anything new.

In those cases, my job becomes opening up possibilities, challenging the status quo, and inevitably, helping clients shape the new story. I get the honor of seeing clients come into my office saying, “couples just drift apart” and then leave my office saying, “our love was always there we just needed to nurture it.”

What story do you tell yourself to stay the same? What if it weren’t true? What if you could CHOOSE another story to repeat to yourself?

Need a template? Listen to this podcast:

I believe in you to change your life.

Presentation Day

As some of you know, Michael and I are gearing up to give a presentation at the American Family Therapy Academy’s National Conference at the end of this month.

For those of you who haven’t heard, we are kinda a big deal…. haha

All jokes aside, Michael and I are so excited to share about our practice and enthusiastically highlight that a family therapy practice can operate on client strengths and resilience. Our presentation is the culmination of the work we have put into our private practice, our values driven emphasis, a new body of research we are developing and our unique co-therapy. We will present on how these factors have come together to serve the community of Central Oregon and get colleagues excited about new research we are developing based solely on systems theory and social justice.

Too much jargon? Probably.

Most importantly, I wanted to take a moment and share our hopes and dreams. Michael and I imagine a world where clients come to therapy and find their strength. A world in which innate resilience, grit, commitment, and adaptation are valued over labeling people with mental illnesses. Most of all we are committed to showing our clients and the world that there are other options besides the medical model to mental health. Systemic therapists (or marriage and family therapists) offer unique skills and insights that no other mental health discipline offers. Our perspective often links the medical model in a powerful way giving clients a holistic approach to their health.

Michael and I also love to share when we are pushing ourselves as therapists. I am very nervous about presenting to people I strangely find myself referring to as colleagues when actually many of them are the authors of the books I studied in grad school. But it is important for future, current, and past clients to know we walk our talk. We are keenly aware we spend our careers asking client’s to push themselves out of their comfort zones and let go of familiar patterns and we ask the same of ourselves. We are passionate about what we offer here at Cascadia Family Therapy and we cannot wait to share it with our colleagues!