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Our Passion

At Cascadia Family Therapy, we are passionate about providing therapy to couples and families. Some of that passion comes from the imperative situation standard “mental health care” has put young kids in. It has become common practice to diagnose children with mental illnesses that only 20 or 30 years ago were thought to be unethical to diagnose a child with (i.e. Bipolar Disorder).

Excellent therapy that helps young people cope with stressors whether biological or environmental, shouldn’t come at the price of a diagnosis that could stick with them for life (especially as the nation moves to electronic healthcare records).

This is part of the transparent, simple and effective therapy offered at Cascadia Family Therapy. We see young children as often the best indicators that something within the family system needs to change or needs a new way of coping. We honor our younger clients by listening to them  and tuning into their needs while helping parents keep the necessary rules and boundaries in place that lead to family harmony.


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