Celebrating by Giving Back

It finally happened… My Washington State Marriage and Family Therapist License transferred to Oregon. I am so grateful for my past supervisors and my current supervisor who have been supportive through this process. It has felt like a very long journey.

To celebrate, I have partnered with Pine Mountain Sports and pledged to give $500 to the Central Oregon CASA program.

But, I believe we can do more. So from October 25th through October 31st, Cascadia Family Therapy will be donating our session fees.

Come Celebrate!


Apps for Your Health

It’s not very often I recommend any of my clients to spend more time with their electronic devices. That being said, I have found a couple of apps to be really helpful.

My CalmBeat: an app that helps users train their breath to six breaths a minute which is ideal for relieving stress. Which you can find here.

HeadSpace: a meditation app that walks users through 10 days of guided 10 minute meditations. It is a great introduction to meditation. I like how it keeps me on track. You can find the app here.

Check them out and let me know what you think!