Teen Cell Phone Contract

I heard about this teen cell phone contract recently and loved the idea. It makes concerns, responsibilities, and expectations transparent for both parties.

In my past position as a Functional Family Therapist working with teens in the juvenile justice system, I made contracts all the time. They are the simple and yet often over looked way to communicate clearly to your young adult.

Don’t wait for something bad to happen, be proactive with your teen with this cell phone contract.

Side note: I think I know a few adults who could use this too 🙂



Practice Update

I wanted to take a moment and share that Cascadia Family Therapy is now encouraging cash as the primary payment.

We have the ability to take debit and credit cards through Square and in the past this has been a primary form of payment for some clients. However, it has come to our attention that Square now automatically downloads your personal information that you have on file with the bank associated with your card. That means your email, phone number, address, and other identifying information loads into the phone/ipad/computer you swipe your card on.

In keeping with our policy of maintaining utmost confidentiality, we prefer our clients to pay with cash.

Thank you!