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New Service Offered at CFT

Cascadia Family Therapy is now offering consultation for newly graduated therapists and counselors near or far. It has taken some work to build a frame work but it is now ready to launch!

I have eight years of experience in the private sector on top of my four years of private practice experience to share! For years I learned the ins and outs of small business first as an administrative assistant and later a marketing director for two different entrepreneurs. I have been involved with privately owned companies from start up to take off and even in retirement planning. I have done this consultation work for colleagues that I graduated with as many of them over time made the shift from agency settings to private practice. Many were shocked at the complexity of mixing legal and ethical standards of care with administrative tasks and graduate education. Private practice is it’s own world and many believe the myth that agency experience will leave them licensed and prepared.

When I opened my first private practice in Washington State I had a mentor who had over 15 years of private practice experience to guide me through the process. It had a major impact on getting my business up and running with little overhead cost. It gave me confidence to step into the role of private practice therapist right after graduate school.

Now I have created a framework that will help guide new counselors and therapists into an ethically sound and successful practice of their own. Don’t reinvent the wheel, schedule your consultation today and feel the confidence of starting out on the right foot!


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